DSPDigital Structured Photography technologies

Technology developed by Oleg Bazhenov and Kirill Korotkov

Healing (Structured) Digital Photography on HLS Course

The course is designed for those who believe in the magic of the impact of photography. Those who believe that one can change themselves and the world around them with a help of photography, make the world richer, brighter, more interesting and beautiful.

Beauty is a kind of unique and extremely rich information which has many levels of perception and impact on the viewer. This kind of information has is sophisticated structure.

The ability to see, feel, understand this structure, to form it and enrich it with your own feeling and inner energy – this is the key to creation of healing photography.

During the course you will learn a new unique approach to photography. It does not matter what you are holding in your hands – a reflex camera or a mobile phone.

We will learn to enter a special mode of perceiving and forming the reality. We will use unique methods and techniques in our work, such as Translighters technologiesIntuitive Information Sight technologies, etc.  We will learn to form different information structures by means of creating visual images and using them to influence the events of our life, our mood, state and health.

About DSP Technology:

Details will be soon